Soul Box Biz


Each month we partner with black owned food brands, that historically don't get the exposure they deserve. Soul Box Biz is committed to honoring these brands, developing the best recipes
utilizing them, and showing consumers that they are comparable (if not better) then nationally known brands.

December Business Partners:

The Final Sauce

Brownie and Princess Sims—The Sims Girls—grew up surrounded by good food and even better family. Like many households, The Sims Girls remember the kitchen as the foundation of the family and cooking was a tradition passed down from the matriarchs. But one thing was special to them, and that was Aunt Marion’s secret barbecue sauce.

The Sims Girls have recreated their aunts sauce, and coined it "the only bbq sauce you'll ever need!"  

Baby Bean Pie

Baby Bean Pie was founded in 2020, by couplepreneurs Zakiyyah & Carlton Shaheed-Muhammad. In just one year of business, Baby Bean Pie has been sold in several stores and restaurants throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. When you taste their products, it's more than just pie, it’s more than wafers or soup or bread, you’re getting a formal introduction to their family and community. @babybeanpie

Pound Bizness 

Pound Bizness was created by couplepreneurs, Reggie Borders and Nicole Felix, and is well on its way to becoming a household name which fondly pays tribute to their coastal love for “The Bay” (Tampa) and “The Town” (Oakland). Pound Bizness has expanded from a home-based business to being featured at bay area farmer markets, in local wine lounges and restaurants and at special events. @poundbizness