Soul Music


Bay Area bred –but adulting in Phoenix–  music has been a staple in DJ Rikkie Tee’s life.  Her earliest memories are of cruising with her dad in his Z-28 Camaro and fingerless leather gloves, growing up to the sounds of Whodini, Prince, Sheila E, WAR, and so many others.  8-tracks, cassette tapes, floor stereo systems were a fixture in DJ Rikkie Tee’s upbringing and created the unique soundtrack to her life.  DJ Rickee Tee spent countless hours in her room browsing her dad’s music collection and, piece by piece, creating her own. Raised in Vallejo, with roots in Oakland and Richmond, DJ Rikkie Tee’s exposure to vast cultural diversities helped shape her love for music as she pulled inspiration from her surrounding communities.
 In addition to curating musical experiences, DJ Rickie Tee is professionally trained as a mental health therapist.  She has found music to serve not only her DJ practice, but also her patients as she forges connections with individuals who at first sight may not seem relatable. DJ Rickee’s passion for music inspired Rikkie to take a chance and acquire a new skill in life as she explored curating music to create experiences that touch not only the ears, but the souls. There is no one genre or style of music that DJ Rikkie Tee pins herself to, and she uses her audience to influence her selection of sounds. Whether at the gym, in rush hour traffic, at home with your bae, or hitting the streets with your crew, DJ Rikkie Tee strives to find the perfect playlist to pair with any activity, elevating it to new heights!